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Genesis Biome has defined a sustainability journey for the continuous improvement of social and environmental performances. The overall CSR vision defines the space in which the company is working to generate value and drive future actions. Genesis Biome is committed to addressing global challenges and to this end it has set out a CSR plan also inspired by the Singapore Green Plan 2030. The Goal, 30 by 30, is defined as meeting 30% of our nutritional needs locally by 2030, up from less than 10% today .

In order to support this commitment and proactively contribute to the achievement of improvements in light of Singapore’s Green Plan, Genesis Biome will keep innovating also through the development of strategic partnerships that can unlock shared value and create positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders, with a specific focus on responsible acquisition, production and consumption.

Responsible Sourcing

We source high-quality ingredients and materials from around the world to grow our produce, working diligently to source responsibly and with attention to potential impacts on people and the environment. We collaborate with a wide and diverse network of suppliers. In doing so, we aim to continuously improve and strengthen our sourcing practices while remaining sensitive to the local communities in which we operate. Our policies and programs embody our deeply held values and long heritage of responsibility.

Ethical Business

At Genesis Biome, we believe in only giving our customers the best produce that they can get their hands on. We only sow seeds that are non-GMO of nature, use insecticides and fertilizers that are made from all natural ingredients.
Everyone at Genesis Biome, have the same set of values that are aligned with our company’s mission and vision. We will prioritize your health over our profits, ensuring that only premium quality materials are used in the entire process of the produce’s growth.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is about balancing social, environmental and economic values into the core strategy and operations of a company, in order to improve management of business risks and opportunities while enhancing long-term social and environmental sustainability.

Here at Genesis Biome, we ensure that our production process maintains a high level of environmental sustainability. Green roofs represent a new frontier of humane and sustainable urban planning. Our farms are located atop roofs that can mitigate the phenomenon of flooding by recycled water back to the crops, global warming by plants undergo a process called evapotranspiration, when they release moisture into the atmosphere, which further cools cities down. The cooling effects of green roofs can also reduce energy cost and health care costs.   

Moreover, Genesis Biome rooftop farms can bolster a city’s food security by providing a steady supply of produce and access to nutrition foods locally. Finally, reduce the ecological footprint of food because they don’t have to be transported cross-country or internationally. 


To incorporate the community’s involvement in Genesis Biome, we welcome volunteers from all walks of life to experience the means of farming in urban Singapore. We also hold workshops to teach interested individuals and groups on how to start your own farm. Going in depth on how to grow your own vegetables at home in the most efficient and reliable way possible. 

The Genesis Biome CSR system support and increase engagement in giving back to the society. Our focus on people, the planet and prosperity of the society aimed to achieve the next generations in a sustainable manner.