About beyond organic

Our Story

We are a natured centred company advocating a ground up movement reconnecting humanity back to nature through food, health and lifestyles. Our mantra is to practice ‘Beyond Organic’ principles to establish real permanent connections with nature and not superficial or temporal greenwashing. This movement is for any and everyone.

We aim to help individuals, families and communities to experience your own nature based life stories and start to blossom with life and vigour. View the world from a different lens and see the beautiful life giving interconnected world we are a part of and move away from our unhealthy, resource heavy and destructive lifestyles.

Three key strategies are used to help us really live as:

Real beings of nature.

Reconnecting to our deep inter-relationship with nature and our innate human love for the natural environment.

Real biological communities.

Regenerating our life giving ecological biome interaction within our human bodies and with the natural environment.

Real urban cultivators.

Rejuvenating our intimate balance with the symbiotic life cycles of the natural environment.

These strategies help us to continually seek and build up our offerings of nature centred products and services. As you write your own stories, together with us, we will be helping in enhancing decarbonisation, food security, health outcomes and quality of life, and mitigating climate change, pollution and the destruction of nature.

"We are in the business of spreading the message of living and enjoying a natural holistic lifestyle."

The four founders of this business come from a diverse background of life and work experiences. They banded together through a common desire to return back to a holistic nature based lifestyle in today’s globalised and urbanised environment. Their combined knowledge and skills in landscape architecture, horticulture, aromatherapy, herbalism, materials, construction and, sales helped to plant the seeds for a nature based movement centred on an intimate communion and an integrated mode of living with nature through the principles of  sustenance, interaction, strength and unity.

It is an ongoing story of rebellion against the macro driven world of profits and consumption, dominance and control of big conglomerates and truncated narratives  influencing mass media, forcing humanity away from common sense choices of life and health. We need to take back control of our lives


Our vision is to operate a series of Beyond Sustenance Cells. These are self-contained and closed loop scalable cells growing a diversity of foods using our Beyond Organic method. It is an approach to working with nature’s gifts of the soil, sunlight, plants and water, the intelligence and symbiotic relationships between microbes and plants, and the health benefits of growing food in the outdoors using our very own hands and consuming it to feed our human biome. There are no toxins, carcinogens and contamination through direct application of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides or any synthetic substances. Producing real healthy food for healthy locals is the priority.

These cells can be operated either by independent producers or by us, and can constitute rooftops, gardens and estates. The uniqueness of BSCs is that each entity will function as an individual cell but linked together into communes and where possible, many communes into a regional community. The advantage will be in the exchange and sharing of information, expertise, manpower and resources to form functioning independent food ecology networks. Growing beyond organic local for healthy locals is the target.

We want to help consumers shop from us and live their own stories with healthy food options, but also in the process, impart an understanding of nutritional options and food choices, simple recipes and cooking skills, and opportunities for great eating experiences.


We want to partner like minded companies Beyond Commerce Cells which are focused on life therapies. These are foods, and products and services for beauty and skin care, personal health therapy, nutritional supplements and wearables that meet our earth friendly criteria to maintain the health of nature and humans. We will offer their products and services as part of our holistic lifestyle approach. Our general criteria in assessment are based on the following:

Foods: Wild caught or sustainably farmed, primary feed is from natural sources and not endangered or in rapid population decline.

Products: Nature based products, no chemicals, artificial fragrances or synthetic compounds, and active compound is derived only from natural ingredients.

Activities: Encourages interaction with nature, offers benefits to general physical outcomes, motor skills or mental well being and establishes nature and community links.

Growth of our chosen partner companies will be like sweet nectar to us, because as they grow we will grow together in building healthier communities. We can offer consumers a one stop shop with a wide range of safe nature based products and services.